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Something to smile about

Yesterday Riska and I took part in the intercounties team competition at Windsor, representing the UGS Kent and East Sussex branch. There were 15 teams from as far away as Yorkshire, so it was a hotly contested competition, and the tests were tricky, but fair. The URC Bucks area hosted the event, and they had fielded a team of over 30 helpers, so full marks to everybody for putting on a very enjoyable and well organised day.
Riska had a litter of puppies only twelve weeks ago, so it was a challenge to have her fit and working at open level again after a four month break. The team practice on Monday didn’t go particularly well for us, so I was somewhat relieved that she ran much better on the day and didn’t let the team down. Riska thoroughly enjoyed herself and wouldn’t stop smiling, much to everybody’s amusement. Even though our team picked all the retrieves, we didn’t do enough to feature in the awards, but Riska’s litter brother Teal was on the winning team representing the URC Hants and SW, so well done to him and Penny, who also trains with Graham Home. Penny has one of Riska’s puppies, so 12 week old Storm was there to cheer us on, and he and Riska were very pleased to see each other.
I have had some lovely pictures of the other puppies sent to me, along with very kind comments as to how pleased their new owners are, which gives me great pleasure. I do my best with breeding and rearing the pups, then when they leave here it’s up to their new owners to bring out the best in them, and I am confident that they are all off to a flying start.

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