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The puppies know best

The last week has seen the puppies leave for their new homes, and as usual, some of them have had long journeys, including Cambridgeshire, Somerset and even a somewhat rough ferry crossing to the Isle of Wight, but they have mostly taken their first car journey in their stride.
It’s sometimes hard for the new owners to decide which puppy is right for them, and although the choice is theirs, I am always happy to advise if needed, however, it often seems that the puppies know best, and make a firm decision themselves. Take the first puppy to leave here as an example; a family of four came to choose, and the Father took a shine to a particular puppy, but his young son is going to be involved in training the pup, and a different puppy made a beeline for the boy and snuggled down on his lap, refusing to leave him, so this was the one that they chose.
The first bitch to leave had met her new owner several times, and cuddled up to her every time, making it very clear from the outset that this was the human for her.
Another new owner lives nearby, which means that he has been to see the puppies on a weekly basis, and got to know them. He had narrowed it down to two, and had a favourite, but kept an open mind when he came to make his choice, which was just as well, because on the day the other puppy decided that she just had to be with him, so he very wisely took the hint.
The house is now very quiet, and I will miss the thunder of thirty six puppy paws running round the kitchen, but I look forward to hearing about their progress, and I am confident that they are very much loved and well cared for in their new homes.

4 thoughts to “The puppies know best”

  1. What a great summary of the puppies choosing their new owners! Lucky lucky owners.
    The pups look amazing and have had the best possible start in life. If only all breeders shared your love and commitment Nessa.
    It will be a much calmer time for you though still very busy with your “girls” no doubt. xxx

    1. I’m very fortunate to find such super owners for my pups. The downside is having to turn away lots of people who could offer a first class home, as there are never enough pups to meet the demand. x

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