Puppy available!

Etive’s puppies are four weeks old today, and have just moved from the little whelping room into the bigger utility room, which means they can now have access to the garden. They have taken to their new environment like ducks to water, enjoying playing in the warm sunshine, and settling down to sleep in a strange place with no complaints. I started them on solid food a week ago, and they are eating nicely, which is just as well, because Etive’s visits to feed them are becoming far less frequent. I really don’t mind if she decides to wean them, as they are quite capable of thriving without her, and she’s done a first class job, so it will be less wear and tear on her if she stops suckling them soon.
These puppies are a very strong, even litter, like peas in a pod, and I still have one dog puppy available. Both his parents are fully health tested with excellent temperaments and working ability, so he will be a good prospect for a working dog, or a nice pet for an active home.
Kintra is 18 months old in a few days, and last Saturday she competed in her first competition, which was a novice test, so she was up against much older dogs. She has a lot of drive, and can be a bit fizzy, but she kept her head and listened to me, making a good job of the first three tests, which were a long and a short, a double blind with no shot, and a walk up, with a mark and a blind. The final test was a mark to shot into water, with a blind along the bank to be picked first, and Kintra turned away from the mark and took a good line, but halfway there she lost faith in me, resulting in her jumping down the bank into the water to go for the mark, so I stopped her on the whistle and sent her back onto dry land to pick the blind, then she picked the mark with confidence. There’s a lot of pressure on a dog when competing, and they have to learn to wait patiently until called forward to the judge, then do exactly as they’re asked during each test, so I was very pleased that Kintra took the day in her stride and did her best for me, and I am looking forward to running her in more tests this summer.

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  1. These look amazing pups Nessa. So pleased Etive doing a first class job. Wish I had the space and time for one more dog as I’d be at the front of the queue. You produce fantastic dogs.

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