Puppy delivery

The puppies have had a busy week, starting with their first ride in the car to visit Bourne Vets for their microchips, first vaccinations and health check. I had prepared them for the journey by putting the travel crates in with them for the last few days, so that they were used to getting into them of their own accord, and they travelled well without being car sick. To maintain social distancing, I did not go into the vets with them; I wondered what they would make of meeting strangers for the first time, but they all apparently enjoyed their experience.
I am proud of what I breed and love showing my pups off, especially to their new owners, but because of the current lockdown nobody has been able to visit, not even to collect their puppy, so everybody has had to choose their puppy from the photographs alone. This has been far from ideal, and I’d like to say a big thankyou to all of their owners for their patience and understanding during this time.
Although nobody could collect from my house, I was allowed to deliver the puppies to their new owners, and luckily all bar one were within my home county, something that has never happened before, as previous litters seem to have gone to all four corners of England, so Thursday and Friday saw me acting as a taxi service for the little bundles of hopes and dreams to various locations in Kent. Each puppy settled and travelled well, even if I initially had to endure cries of woe or loud shouting, followed by bouts of snoring, but I was rather dreading the trip to Worcestershire on Saturday morning, as it would mean a journey of over three hours in the car. Puppy number three, however, behaved like a seasoned traveller, only waking twice on the journey for a brief mutter under his breath, much to the relief of my ear drums.
It seemed strange getting up this morning with only one puppy here, but she is staying for good, and is named Etive, which is a glen in Scotland that most people will be familiar with, because it features in the James Bond film Skyfall.

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