Happy New Year 2021

2020 was certainly a strange year with no competitions to keep us on our toes, and it was very sad for my new puppy owners when they were not allowed to visit to view the litter and they had to choose their pup from photos; fortunately everybody was known to me, so this didn’t cause a problem, and puppy collection turned into puppy delivery with me having to take them to their new homes.
I kept a pup back, and am enjoying training young Etive, who is very much like her mother Riska, even down to having inherited her naughty grin.
We were supposed to relocate to Shropshire in May, but our purchase fell through because of covid. We were at the end of a short and complete chain and were keen to move, so the minute lockdown was eased I drove down to look at a possible property, leaving my husband holding the fort at home. I loved the house and by the time I’d driven all the way back to Kent we’d had an offer accepted and moved four weeks later. My husband is either very trusting or completely bonkers, because he didn’t get to see the house until the day we moved in.
We have settled in very well, and having our own training ground makes it easier to offer one to one lessons for both gundogs and pets.
I was wondering if I’d be able to go to stud because of the second lockdown, but fortunately Moidart waited until afterwards to be ready to mate, so I’m hoping that there will be puppies on the way soon.

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    1. Hi Stephanie, I occasionally sell to an experienced pet home, so if you would like to be considered for my waiting list please drop me an email [email protected] with some detail as to what you are able to provide for one of my puppies. Kind regards, Nessa.

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