Easy peasy puppies

I’m pretty well organised when it comes to rearing puppies, with the whelping box in the kitchen next to the back door, and a fenced patio area just outside, so I’m always on hand to let them straight outside for a wee when they wake up, which helps with toilet training. This litter are five weeks old today, and are the easiest litter I’ve had, being virtually clean indoors already, even overnight. This morning I overslept and didn’t come downstairs until 7am, expecting to find a mess because I could hear them scurrying about, but bless their little hearts, they were clean apart from a few wees in the newspaper toilet area, and quickly marched outside for more urgent business when I opened the back door. Fletchingly puppies come part trained!
They are spending most of their waking hours outside, exploring their expanding world and dozing off to sleep in the sunshine. Yesterday afternoon I took then onto the grass one at a time, the first reason being to see what each puppy made of being in a totally new and strange environment, and I’m pleased to report that they are all confident little souls, more interested in rooting about in the grass than running to me. Secondly, I also wanted to take individual photos of the puppies; this is something I usually do a couple of times as they develop, but with this litter I am trying to do so weekly as their new owners are unable to visit owing to the current corona virus lockdown, so hopefully they will be able to see how the puppies are growing. As you can see from these photos, the puppies are very even, and look fairly similar, just like peas in a pod, but I am able to tell them apart, even if I do have to sometimes resort to the discreet tippex marks that I’ve put on the undersides of their feet.

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  1. What wonderful progress Nessa. You are such a skilled & loving breeder. I love reading these updates.
    The pups are looking so strong now. Totally adorable!

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