Piranha puppies

The puppies now have their milk teeth and are trying them out on everything within reach, which makes sitting in the whelping box feel like being surrounded by a shoal of peckish piranha fish.
I use a deep muffin pan to feed them, which means that they can’t immerse their bodies in their lunch, and thus stay nice and clean. They are eating solid food very well, so it is from now on that they become more time consuming by the day; I honestly don’t find them hard work because I very much enjoy rearing puppies.
They seem to have grown by leaps and bounds this week and we have reached that watershed moment when they are have started to escape from the whelping box; luckily they insist on talking about it with excited little squeaks, alerting me to their mischief. The problem has been solved, albeit for the time being, by raising the entrance to a higher level, at the same time ensuring that Riska can hop in and out as she pleases.
I am allowing then to explore the kitchen when I’m there to supervise them, and I am pleased to report that they all seem nice and bold. I love the sound of their little feet scampering hither and thither, and their increasing speed has made taking photographs of them somewhat tricky.
In the evenings I often take one into the living room to hold it up in front of the television, and their reactions are somewhat amusing, ranging from fits of yawning if the news is on, to intent interest in wildlife documentaries, following the action and peering forward for a closer look.

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