Rising star

Etive has just turned two years old and has started to run in novice working tests. She gained a CoM at the UGBA test a couple of weeks ago, which was a pleasing start.
She ran well at the Usk Valley test yesterday, but came unstuck at the water test, which was a mark across the river Usk; she started splashing through the shallows, but when she reached deeper water, she was swept off her feet and panicked, so came back onto dry land, but a firm command of “get over” sent this honest young dog across to pick the dummy.
Today we went to the Shropshire Gundog Society test and she worked well, listening to me when I needed to handle her, but the highlight for me was the walk up, where she marked well on the seen retrieve, and then took a perfect line to pick a blind with no handling from me, with the judge saying that she had completed this better than any of the previous dogs. I knew she’d done well and I was delighted to be awarded first place, as well as the cup for the best retrieve.
This sport relies on the generosity of the landowners and an army of volunteers who willingly give their time to make these days happen, so I count myself lucky to be a part of it.

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