Fox Red Labrador Puppies

Puppy treadmill

The puppies seem to get everywhere these days and have managed to thwart my best efforts to stop them gaining access to the utility room. I tracked down a strange rumbling sound, only to find a puppy running round the drum of the washing machine, intently watched by his siblings, and whenever they tried to join in the fun in the drum, they were swiftly repelled by the occupant. Perhaps I ought to investigate the possibility of a puppy powered treadmill to generate electricity.
The warm weather during the last week has enabled the puppies to spend most of the day outside, so it has given me a good excuse to sit in the sun watching them as they race round and play, and although I may appear to be doing absolutely nothing, I am very busy watching their antics and assessing their characters, at least that’s what I tell anybody that asks.
Tabby cat Lucy has decided that she can’t cross the patio unless she’s sitting on my shoulders, so no doubt I cut a strange figure with a cat slung round my neck, hotly pursued by a pack of puppies.
I spent a whole afternoon taking individual pictures of them all, which was no easy task given their speed and desire to be right behind me at all times, but I like to do this so that when they go to their new homes their owners can see what their puppy looked like at a young age.

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  1. These puppies are really something special. Your cat Lucy knows it too! What a wonderful image Nessa xxx

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