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Boxing puppies

The puppies have been indoors a lot more this week because of the wet weather, so I have had to find ways to keep them amused. Cooking has proved a popular pastime, and they all stand on tiptoes clustered round my legs while I prepare dinner, which means that I have to shuffle across the kitchen with the whole lot attached to my jeans. They love it when I open a cupboard door, which gives them the chance to go rummaging about inside, so I am constantly counting heads to make sure everybody is present and correct.
Cardboard boxes of different shapes and sizes are capable of providing hours of amusement, both for the puppies and any human beings that happen to be watching. One puppy sat in the box and was pulled down the length of the kitchen by the others, while another went to sleep on top of a box, but the funniest episode occurred when one of the girls took up residence on the top of a box and determindly repelled all of her siblings, batting them away with her front paw.
The puppies are fully weaned now and their Mother Riska has started back in work to get her ready for the working test season, which is fast approaching; fortunately she seems to have kept her fitness fairly well, so hopefully it’s just a case of blowing the cobwebs away.

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  1. The puppies are just wonderful. They are having such a lovely time exploring safely and growing in independence. They look so bright and sturdy. Riska is doing so well and must be happy to be returning to what she knows and loves.
    Thank heavens for breeders like yourself Nessa. What total dedication you demonstrate!

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