How many vets does it take to microchip a puppy?

Etive’s litter of eight puppies went to the vet yesterday for their microchips and health checks. I always dread the journey, because it can be like driving with a pack of howler monkeys in the car, but after a few mutters of indignation and annoyance, these puppies settled down quietly and took the journey in their stride.
We were ushered into the large x-ray room, and were joined by three vets plus five vet nurses, which meant that there was one member of staff for each puppy. When the door of their crate was opened they spread to all four corners of the room like a tidal wave, but were quickly scooped up for a cuddle, with some being carried off to other areas of the building to meet the rest of the staff. So how many vets does it take to microchip a puppy? The answer is just one, but I have a sneaky feeling that they booked my appointment to coincide with their mid morning break just so they could have a puppy cuddle.
The pups start leaving here in less than a week, but one little chap still hasn’t found the right home, so he may well be staying here to be trained as a gundog and sold at a later date.

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