Riska’s pups have arrived!

Riska (FTW Fletchingly Annraidh) whelped two bitch pups and five dog pups in the early hours of this morning, and the puppies are a strong, even litter. It is always a huge relief to come through a whelping with no problems and all the puppies born alive and healthy. The sire is FTW Bellspaddle Roscoe, and I am very much looking forward to training the bitch pup that I will keep from this litter.
Riska is very chilled, and was keen to come out for a walk with the rest of the pack this afternoon. I always think how fortunate I am to have such easy going and uncomplicated dogs.

Just a few hours old.

2 thoughts to “Riska’s pups have arrived!”

  1. What wonderful news. A perfect size litter. They look gorgeous and Riska sounds to have recovered brilliantly.
    Congratulations Nessa!

  2. Lovely pictures Nessa. Riska is a confident mum and I think this is a testament to her environment. To think she was enthusiastic about her walks just before her puppies came into the world. She must be a healthy happy dog
    I look forward to seeing them

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