Puppy success

I only breed an occasional litter and I do a lot research when I’m looking for a stud dog, because I want to produce puppies with the ability to do well in working tests and field trials, so as well as good health test results, the right temperament is of paramount importance to me.
Last weekend Fletchingly Tulla won a novice working test on field trial lines, which is very pleasing, as his owner has also had great success with his uncle FTW Fletchingly Torrain, including a couple of field trial wins.
Another puppy, Fletchingly Skye, recently gained a fourth place in a special puppy test, while a few weeks ago Fletchingly Lochay was a awarded a COM and my Fletchingly Glencoe (Etive) was third in the Labrador Retriever Club of Wales puppy test at St Clears.
Etive is proving very talented, fast, yet level headed, and I am a glutton for punishment, so I’ve recently had a little drive to Sussex to mate Etive’s mother FTW Fletchingly Annraidh (Riska) to FTCH Ticefield Dazed N’confused, and I’ll be keeping a pup back, which means that I’ll have five dogs in work, but I love training them, even if it is a big commitment of time and energy.

Fletchingly Glencoe (Etive)

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