Fox red labradors


I am able to offer one to one training for both pets and working dogs on our own training ground to the West of Ludlow, and each lesson is tailored to the individual dog and handler, to ensure the best chance of success. My training is geared towards the dog enjoying working with the handler, to achieve a polite, well mannered dog that is a pleasure to own, and my success competing with several dogs over the years proves that my training methods are effective. A properly trained dog is a happy dog, and I get enormous satisfaction from seeing clients and their dogs progress, and the pleasure this brings to their owners.

Fox Red Labradors
Shona (first place, agility), Moidart (first place puppy GWT) and Riska (fourth place Open GWT), all on the same day.

This takes place in a small paddock in a quiet corner with minimum distractions, to give you the best chance of mastering the basics.
Puppy training is focused on building a good relationship and solid foundations to pave the way for you and your dog to achieve your goals, whether you wish to have a well mannered pet that you can be proud of, fun in agility competitions, or to compete in Gundog Working Tests and beyond. I believe in making training fun, so that your dog enjoys working with you, and I aim to teach you how to train your puppy to give you a clear understanding of how to succeed.

If you are contemplating getting your first puppy or an older dog, I am able to offer a “look before you leap” lesson using my own dogs to demonstrate the first steps in basic training, as well as showing you what a trained dog is capable of. This lesson includes advice on settling your puppy into it’s new home, and I will explain what day to day dog ownership involves, plus there will be plenty of time for questions and answers. If you are seeking a pedigree dog I will be able to provide information regarding how to find a healthy puppy from a trustworthy breeder.

Boredom is a dog’s worst enemy where training is concerned, so I structure one to one lessons to be enjoyable for both dog and owner. I use elements of basic gundog and agility training to add focus and fun to each lesson.
I have a lifetime of experience behind me, and I am both kind and supportive to my clients, but unfortunately I do not possess a magic wand, so you need to be prepared to set aside some time on a daily basis to train your dog. I am able to help with common problems such as pulling on the lead or poor recall, but I do not accept aggressive dogs for training.

Fox Red Labrador Gundogs
Shona, Moidart, Riska and Ruby

My passion is gundogs, and I compete in both Working Tests and Trials, as well as picking up on local shoots. I particularly enjoy working with dogs and owners new to the sport, where attention to detail and improving the basics can change a partnership from picking up zero scores in a working test, to gaining their first ribbon.
My training ground includes purpose built jumps, and runs up through a small valley with a ditch through the middle, giving the more experienced dogs the chance to master crossing retrieves in a walk up situation, as well as picking retrieves which have fallen out of sight over the brow of a hill.

Fox red labradors
Fox red labradors
Fox red labradors
Fox red labradors